Memory Project

The memory project started in 2004.  We began our partnership 6 years ago.  Carter High Art Students have helped to create portraits for kids in India, Columbia, Peru, and Ethiopia. The memory project has a wonderful team that provides school supplies as well as hand made portraits for students around the world.  Some of the places we have been paired with face very hard economics in their country. Our goal to to create the best portraits and letters that we can in order to being a smile to hte kids faces. Please check out their website

Artist: Kalista

The organization has been fortunate to have 280,000 youth involved in 55 countries since 2004.

High School Art teachers out there please consider joining in this amazing outreach. Carter High students if you would like to join in this year please let Mrs. O'Brien know so you can be added to the artist list for the 2020-2021 year. 
W.A Carter Art Department &  Memory Project