Jordan DeGelia 

Art History Major and Career

Art history is a passion, I did not discover until taking the AP version of the course in high school. While I enjoyed it greatly, I was unsure of how to incorporate it into my life at the time and instead settled on other fields of study. In my first semester attending college, I was focused on politics, but art history remained on my course schedule. Transitioning into my sophomore year, I realized politics was no longer my goal. Rather than continue a path designed to take me to law school, I finalized my decision to major in art history and never looked back. What sold me on art history aside from my own interest was the professors, the on-campus art museum, and the support to study topics I was interested in. This culminated in my Senior Thesis which became a delightful and challenging passion project on the understudied Jewish-Ukrainian artist Nathan Altman. Beyond just writing my first major research work on an art history topic, it provides the future for my art history career. Should I pursue a further education or work in the field of art history, this document serves as my starting point. As it stands now, I seek to continue my research on Slavic and Russian art history, especially focusing Altman. Eventually, I would like to become a curator for an art collection or even a museum. For now, I am taking a break from art history to work in the native land of the artist I spent a year studying. In March 2021, I will travel to Ukraine to teach English to secondary students through the Peace Corps. Undoubtedly, my art history research will continue there. All the rest is yet to be settled, but it will certainly involve serving communities and researching art. 

Yezenia Ruiz

Class of 2017
 “You don’t have to say yes to everything. You have the power to say no. Don’t make art for anyone but yourself. Every piece, every commission has to be for yourself, whatever that means for you. If you are asked to create something that you feel is not true to you then say no. If you say yes you have to suck it up and go through with it. So always be thoughtful before you say yes. Write down a list of people who helped you in your journey. Be grateful of the opportunities that comes your way but choose carefully. Don’t pounce on the sight of any small opportunities, you’re not a starving artist looking for scraps on the floor you are talented and they need talent. They want something to consume. You have creative abundance and you have the power, but if you start at a place of starvation you’re going to given scraps your whole life.“

Artist Quotes 

Emily was part of the graduating class of 2020.  She are proud of her getting a 5 on the AP Studio Exam.  Here is her favorite quote:

“Every child is an artist the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up".”
-Pablo Picasso
"I like photography because I get to express my creative ideas through the lens. Photography has shown me that it's ok to take risks go beyond the natural eye. Art has shown me to express my emotions that I hold inside through my brush.  Art has been my escape from the world and into my creative thoughts.”
-Jazmyne Barrios
Graduating Class 2019
"For me, art is a form of escapism. It allows me to take a step back from the chaos of the world and focus on what is directly in front of me, which is why I love it so much!" 
- Cambria Wade
Graduating Class 2019
W.A. Carter High School, Rialto CA