Carter High School
Fine Arts
Our visual arts department has aligned our courses to create cohesive structure where students are able to receive a strong foundation in key concepts, various techniques, digital opportunities, use of an array of materials and art history. Please enjoy looking at the talented artists work! 

Seniors that take 2 1/2 year of art classes with a B or A grade can apply for a Senior art sash. The student would present a strong artist statement and personal portfolio. If your interested to hear more please ask on of our art teachers. 

Colored Pencil by Victor Ruedas, grade 11


Colored Pencil by Pamela Pritchard, grade 11
Colored Pencil by Audrina Pulido, grade 12

Teacher Quotes

“Learning in the visual arts is not just being educated in how to use different mediums, it is also a change in perspective it's an awakening in how you see and appreciate the world around you.”

— Mr. Arnold
“The arts can help students to creatively explore various mediums that allow for a hands on experience.”

— Mrs. O'Brien
"Art should be personal; a reflection of your life and the world around you."

-Kimberly Ramos
"The Master of all creation is the true artist; I am just an imitator." Mr. Taylor
"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together" - Vincent Van Gogh
-Mr. Navarro

Daily & Monthly Updates

This site will be updated monthly to share new information or ideas. Come check out our artists of the week!  You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter see links above. 

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